Nominees for Global Award

The Award committee has received overwhelming response from every corner of the world for submitting nomination for Global Award 2009- Best in Education and Livelihood.

The Committee has received numerous nominations online and offline (by post). Many nominations was incomplete or irrelevant and hence discarded for the sack of clarity.

The International Secretariat has screened 22 nominations eligible for participating in Global award 2009 and the same are being presented to each of Jury Members for their views , comments and final approval for winner of Award for Individual category, organization category and institution category.

For Organization Category– Total 14 Nomination screened

For Individual Category– Total 6 Nominations screened

Name of the Nominees for Organisation Category

1. The pari Projects, Cambodia

2. Bambapuang Education Foundation, Indonesia

3. Bharat Integrated Social Welfare Agency, India

4. Nepal PhD Association, Nepal

5. Twin Friends Club of Nigeria

6. Aloshikha Rajihar Social Development Center, Bangladesh


8. Viafrica Foundation, Neitherland

9. Compassion for Humanity Foundation, Ghana

10.Terra-1530, Moldova

11.Udyama, India

12.Talent Attractions, Midrand

13.Tomorrow Trust, South Africa

14.Humanity Foundation, India

Name of the Nominees for Individual category

1. Bridgit Afadzinu, Ghana

2. Dr. Niranjan C. Bhat, India

3. Riaz Hussain , Pakistan

4. Prof. Dr. Sir A.D. Uniyal, India

5. Syed Nadeem Ali Shah, Pakistan

6. KIM FEINBERG, South Africa


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