Your Involvement

You Can Help Education Charter International Below, you can register your interest and willingness to help us. We have organized the kinds of help we are looking for into several different "Projects." Just click on the link below, tell us which Project you are interested in, and a member of our Team will contact you as soon as possible.

Activity No 1 - Translation of the Education Charter into new languages

Activity No 2 - Fundraising for ECI, to help spread the Education Charter and its vision, and to support action projects around the world Please contact or mail us for donation at

Activity No 3 - Sponsorship of an Education Charter exhibition, publication, or workshop (providing space, services, and/or funds for specific initiatives) ... or become a major donor to the general Education Charter Fund

Activity No 4 - Communication - Write stories, take pictures, create videos for the web, make a movie, write a song ... or anything else having to do with creative communications and the arts

Activity No 5 - Give presentations on the Education Charter to schools, professional groups, religious groups, clubs etc.

Activity No 6 - Write letters to leaders in business, government and institutions making them aware of the Education Charter (we provide you with sample text)

Activity No 7 - Contribute anything else you can think of that might help advance the Education Charter's ethical vision and principles! These might range from IT services, to staging a concert, to free office space somewhere in the world, to materials that could help our Education Charter Youth Groups or Affiliates (especially in developing countries). Use your imagination ... coupled to your generosity and commitment to a better world.