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Application for Ambassador

The Ambassadors for Education Charter Initiative was launched in 2007. The applicants come from all walks of life representing all races, religions, nationality and cultures, and commit themselves to:

-promote Education Charter worldwide
-Form a global network of leaders representing the religious, racial, and ethnic diversity of the human family, as well as all disciplines of human endeavor.
-participate in the movement of higher education for youth worldwide.

The International Council of CCLP worldwide invites application for the honorary position of Club Ambassador for Education Charter from the fraternity of world leaders in social, academic, religious, cultural, ethinic, national circle or head of state or associates of United Nation or other international NGO representative.

For application with the council of Governors

1. Applicants must be of state or national or international repute
2. Affirmation of the Education Charter International.
3. Demonstration of leadership qualities in a given sphere of activity

Please apply online here

or send the completed application at

17 Tara Chand Dutt Street Kolkata 700073, India

Online Application form for Ambassadorship

Zip or Pin code
Email Address
Telephone No with city and country code
Educational Level
Marital Status
Name of the employer or establishment
any kind of military involvement in past or current

How did you hear about CCLP worldwide ambassador program
Why do you want to associate with us
Tell us about your volunteering and community experience
As an ambassador what would be your strengths and weaknesses
Tell us about your leadership experience
List few accomplishments/ events in your life
Provide name address of two NGOs or CCLP member as reference
We believe and endorse the Education Charter International

I certify that the information on this application is correct

I agree to Umbrella statement of CCLP Charter

Please enclose your photo
Please enclose your National id Proof