Individual Memmbership

Under article VI of the charter the Organsation may admit individuals as its member who is committed to the active promotion and realisation of Organsation goal. The individual applying for the membership must fulfill the following criteria
1. Engaged endorser of CCLP Worldwide Charter
2. Endorser of declaration of Higher Education for Sustainable better livelihood (HESBL)
3. Endorser of World Declaration on Higher Education for the Twenty-First Century
4. Endorser of "The United Nation Global Compact's ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption"

5.Endorser of International Charter of protection for human life by IPSP

Join Chartered Educators Fellowship program

A1 (26k)

The applicant must follow the The individual appointment policy.

The applicant must apply to
The membership Accreditation Committee, International Secretariat, 17 Tara Chand Dutt Street Kolkata 700073, India

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