Individual Appointment Policy

Apply Individual membership

Apply Organisational membership

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Charter of Membership

Umbrella Statement of Member

Join as Accredited Organization Member of CCLP Worldwide

Under article VI of the charter adopted by CCLP Worldwide,it may admit Organization as its member who is committed to the active promotion and realization of Organizational goal.

The Organization applying for the membership must fulfill the following criteria

A. Complete Application

*Receipt of Complete Application with All Supporting Documents

B. Pledge and Commitment

1. Engaged endorser of CCLP Worldwide Charter

2. Endorser of declaration of Higher Education for Sustainable better livelihood (HESBL)

3. Endorser of World Declaration on Higher Education for the Twenty-First Century

4.Endorser of Umbrella Statement of Vision, values and Guiding principles of CCLP Worldwide

4. Endorser of "The United Nation Global Compact's ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption"

5.Endorser of International Charter of protection for human life by IPSP

C. Financial Obligation

Receipt of Life Membership Dues or Annual Membership Dues

D. Appointment Policies

The applicant must follow the The individual appointment policy.

E. Membership Benefits

1.Life Member and Annual Member will get Membership Certificate with Signature and International Seal in A4 Size paper by registered post and Email(secured by digital Signature)

2.Life Member will get personalized ID Card, Education Charter Stickers, Letterheads etc.

3.Life Members will be allowed to participate in the Conference of Organization without any cost and Annual Member will get 50 % waiver on participation charges

4.Life Member will get one issue of our publication every year for life and Annual Member will get one issue of the publication.

5.Life Members will get 75 % waiver in any course offered by CCLP Worldwide including the Chartered Educators Program

6.Life and Annual Member will get their name listed in the official directory of CCLP Worldwide along with relevant publication of Education Charter Book

7.Life Member and Annual Member will get complementary membership in National Chapter of CCLP Worldwide in their Country.(Where it is available)

8.Life and Annual Member are allowed to cast vote in annual and special meeting of CCLP Worldwide

9.Life Members are invited to join the World Council as Ambassador- Education Charter

10.Life and Annual Members are allowed to use the membership logo of CCLP Worldwide in their personal stationery

11.Life Members are sent invitation for various UN and other International Conferences

12.Life and Annual Members are sent regular updates via newsletter.

13.Life Members will get high quality made Flags of Education Charter in two sizes (Table flag and regular flags)

The Interested applicants may apply on-line here by filling the forms carefully