Chapter Rules and Byelaws

Charter of the chapter

1.Name and Logo

A chapter must choose a name not used by an existing chapter. All recognized chapters are encouraged to use CCLP WORLDWIDE as part of their name, with the inclusion of the nation or region, such as "CCLP Worldwide, USA." A chapter may not use only CCLP WORLDWIDE to describe the chapter. A chapter may also use a name in its native language. Note that even if "CCLP Worldwide" appears in the native language, it remains imperative that the nation or region be included as part of the name, in order to avoid confusion with the international Council or other chapters. CCLP WORLDWIDE's International Council must approve the chapter name, and any changes to that name. No organization may utilize the name CCLP Worldwide, CCLP WORLDWIDE is its name, or use the logo, without affiliation with the International Council. Each chapter is to acknowledge that the names "CCLP Worldwide," including the CCLP WORLDWIDE logo, Charter International Logo are the exclusive property of the international Council, and that the chapter's use of such names and designs is pursuant to a license agreement between the chapter and the international Council." Chapters may have their own logos or letterheads. When officers speak or act for the chapter, the full name of the Chapter is to be used to avoid interpreting such statements or reports as official statements or reports of the international Council. The full name of the Chapter is to be used in all Chapter-generated literature and public activities, in order to avoid confusion with the international Council. CCLP WORLDWIDE"s International Council has the authority to take any action necessary to enforce the policies related to the use of the CCLP WORLDWIDE name and logo.


Membership in a chapter is not restricted to those organizations and individuals who are members of the international Council in good standing. Any member of CCLP WORLDWIDE who resides within the territorial limits of the chapter is automatically a member in the chapter and entitled to its privileges, unless opting not to be a member of the chapter or requesting membership in another chapter. A member may not hold membership in two national chapters at the same time, but may be a member of either a sub-regional and national chapter or city chapter at the same time. As with the international Council, chapters are to have Organization Membership and Individual Membership. Likewise, chapters are to have the same classes of membership as held by the international Council. Membership in a chapter is terminated whenever membership in the international Council is terminated. A chapter may also appeal to the international Council for suspension or removal from CCLP WORLDWIDE membership of any member within its jurisdiction, if it judges that the member is not in compliance with the chapter bylaws or the Bylaws of the international Council.


There are a variety of models for chapter governance and election of chapter officers. For example, chapter members could elect the governing board and the board would then elect its officers. Another method would be direct election by the membership of both the board and the board officers. The election can be made via a vote of attending members at an annual, biennial, or triennial assembly. Chapters may select the governance model best for their nation. The main feature that must be included is a democratic process allowing the membership to have a vote in the governance of the chapter. Various names may be selected for the supreme governing body of a chapter, such as Executive Board, Executive Committee, and so forth, but this governing body cannot be named "International Council," which is exclusive to the international Council. The titles and roles of the officers of a chapter is also at the discretion of the national chapter. However, the titles of Secretary General, International Governor or International Chairman are not to be used, in order to avoid confusion with the officers of the international Council.

Financial and Legal

A chapter is legally and financially separate and distinct from CCLP WORLDWIDE and other CCLP WORLDWIDE chapters, but it shares goals and conducts programs cooperative with them. It is understood that the activities and actions of a chapter are not the legal or financial responsibility of the international Council. No dues are to be assessed by a chapter; however, chapters may conduct fundraising and other activities that require members, as well as others, to pay a fee in order to participate. Fundraising projects and activities are limited to those that are consistent with the purposes of the Council and the chapter. All chapters should establish a bank account. If they have excess funds, CCLP WORLDWIDE suggests that the chapter opens an interest-bearing account. Chapters should be aware that they do not have tax-exempt status as a result of their connection to the international body. In order to allow greater ease in the relationship and flow of funds between the international Council and itself, each chapter should be organized and operated such that it qualifies for tax exemption in its country. Reporting to the International Council Each year, the chapter is to send to the CCLP WORLDWIDE international headquarters the list of its officers and board members. When the leadership changes, the list of officers and board members must be sent to the CCLP WORLDWIDE headquarters as soon as possible On or before March 31 of each year, each chapter is to submit to the Secretary General of the international Council a report on the activities of the chapter during the previous year and the financial condition of the chapter as of December 31 of the previous fiscal year. This reporting date may be changed should the fiscal year of the chapter be set for a time period other than January 1 to December 31, but must be at least one time a year.

Chapter Bylaws

The bylaws of a chapter must not contain anything that is at variance with the expressed purposes of the Council or with the Council's Bylaws, and must be approved as specified by the International Council before becoming effective. A chapter may not change its bylaws, it name, or its boundaries without approval as specified by the International Council. Chapter Bylaws may be produced in the native language of a nation, but must be translated into English for submission to the International Council.

Local Chapters

A national chapter may establish local chapters within the geographical boundary of a chapter, such as city chapters or other local chapters. Such local chapters cannot have powers greater than the national chapter. Suspension or Annulment of a Chapter

The International Council may, by affirmative vote of at least three-fifth majority of the full Council, suspend or annul a chapter if, in the judgment of the International Council, such action is in the best interests of the Council. Such action does not affect the standing of individual members of the Council.

Role and authority of Country Ambassador

Country Ambassador are appointed by International Council to act as Observing member on behalf of International Council

The National Chapter shall be under the supervision of Country Ambassador and the ambassador acts as mouthpiece of International Council. The Country Ambassador has all executive power to implement any policies in the chapter.

The Country Ambassador also act as Election head of Chapter and all nomination for the post of chapter executive shall be filed with Country ambassador. He acts as observing member of Voting and declaration of results


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