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General Activities of Honorary Ambassador (Country and City)

• Promote Education Charter International

• Promote Universal declaration of Higher Education for twenty first century of UNESCO

• Promote UN Global Compact Ten principles in the area of Human Rights, Labor, and Environment and anti Corruptions.

• Work to initiate the movement of making this world with educated youth

• To serve the community at large regardless of race, gender, language or religion, or economic, cultural or social distinctions, or physical disabilities.

• Contribute to the fulfillment of the mission of CCLP Worldwide

• Develop a broad strategic alliance of partnerships among individuals, educational institutions, organizations, religions, corporations, the media and governments.

General Activities and authorities of Honorary Ambassador (Country)

• Act as delegated authority for national Chapter of his or her region(Region, Country or city)

• Supreme authority or observing authority for National or local Chapter

• Invited to serve as members on national, regional and international Chapter and Secretariat office.

• Invited to act as Authorized Signatory for the region or country for issue of membership or other City Ambassador appointment and use of International Council seal.

• Recommend to appoint or remove or suspend City ambassador of his or her region.

• Invited to the position of  International Governors.

Protocol: The Country Ambassador enjoys highest authority within the members and city ambassadors of his or her region.

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