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Preparatory Commission

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Three years of Partnership

EDU Inter-Governmental Organization
Partners with CCLP Worldwide in Education

Academic Faculty

Academic Institute Academic Institute CCLP WORLDWIDE-SPAIN
Prof. Dr. Jenaro Romero Pastor, Dean of Academic Institute CCLP WORLDWIDE-SPAIN

Lic, Prof. Luis Santos Diz MS.c
Prof. Dr. Eloy Carrera Melendre
Prof. Mr. Prof. Cristian A. Araos Diaz
Pof. Dr. Fernando Bustos Ayoví
Prof. Dr. Oscar Rafael Guillen Valley
Prof. Ms. Jimenez Liceth Montenegro
Prof. Jan Christoph Wechselberger

Contact Information

  • International Secretariat Office
  • 17 Tara Chand Dutt Street Kolkata 700073, West Bengal, India
  • Email:
  • Tel: +91-033-22685477/8
  • Facsimile: +91-033-22683379