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The Fellow Chartered Educator, an academic rank and title aims to recognize the outstanding contribution in the area of education and research by early to mid-career academicians to Higher Education Institutions. It also aims to support their research and to build stronger ties between Academicians, professors and Educators worldwide.

New Initiative of CCLP Worldwide in establishing World Class School

First dialogue: "Stupidity, an urgent reflection by Personeria de Bogota

Hon.Professor Alessandro Bertiroti, Academic Council member of CCLP Worldwide attended the dialogue "Stupidity, an urgent reflection” as Speaker organized by Personeria deBogota (Government of Colombia) on 4th of November 2015 at Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogota.More information about the seminar may be found at official site of the government

Cine Star Vivek Oberoi was presented with latest Magazine of The Education Charterduring inauguration Ceremony.

Fellow Chartered Educator Brochure


Fellow Chartered Educator Application Form

Download Application for selection of Fellow (The Version 2.2 Application PDF Form is fully fill able with Adobe Acrobat Reader for printing)

All the supporting documents must be sent to

All the application for fellow must be supported by

1. Academic Degrees/ Diploma etc.

2. Certification, License etc.

3. Honour, appreciation, etc.

4. Academic and Professional Membership

5. Complete resume

6. Passport Size photograph

7. National ID proof

8. Proof of payment of dues

Payment details

Fellowship fees Dues: USD 100 or Euro 65 or INR 5000/- (In case of rejection of application full refund be made to applicant)

Payments should be directed to:

CCLP Worldwide

International Secretariat

5th Floor 17 Tara Chand Dutt Street Kolkata 700073, India

Tel 91.33.22685477/8 Fax 91.33.22683379


Payment may be paid through

1. Paypal Link to pay the Fellowship Subscription Fees (IN USD)
Name of the Applicant

2. Paypal Link to pay the Fellowship Subscription Fees (IN EURO)
Name of the Applicant

By Bank draft or Money order

Please send a check , bank draft or money order drawn from Indian based bank to CCLP Worldwide.

The candidate may apply online through this link  please click here

Contact Information

  • International Secretariat Office
  • 17 Tara Chand Dutt Street Kolkata 700073, West Bengal, India
  • Email:
  • Tel: +91-033-22685477/8
  • Facsimile: +91-033-22683379