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Selection of Fellow

The Academic Council of CCLP Worldwide has laid down criteria to select and approve the application.

All Fellow Applications undergo five stage approval process.

The Eligibility norms

  1. Post Graduate Degree in any stream or discipline (Preferably doctoral qualification or Masters Degree. The postgraduate professionals like Chartered Accountants, Chartered Analysts, holder of Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Company Secretaries Cost Accountant, Stock analysts etc. are also eligible)
  2. A sufficient involvement in any subject through training, professional work, research, publications or other work of a similar nature (A letter from Concern, publication House, Research Unit, Academy, College or any other department may be accepted as basis of such involvement.)
  3. The candidate must be proposed by existing Fellow of the Academic Council or by any academic Institution, NGO, Government Department or Elected Representative.
  4. The submission of Research paper or book or any publication authored by candidate may be additional requirement but not mandatory.
  5. Payment of requisite fees (In case of rejection the entire fees will be refunded)
  6. The Endorsement of Education Charter by the candidate