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The Fellow Chartered Educator is entitled to receive

1. Signed, sealed and Notarized (Optional) Certificate engraved in multi colour exquisite parchment.

2. The Fellow Certificate will have Name with Title and Designation.

3. Certificate is presented in a A4 Size leatherette folder with inside protective cover sheet

4. The Official label pin of CCLP Worldwide will be provided

5. The ID Cards mentioning the name, registration No. and fellow title will be issued.

6. Stickers will be provided useful for Car and office.

The Front design of fellow Certificate duly sealed and protected with unique CCLP Worldwide hologram sticker

The back side of the Fellow Certificate duly signed and sealed by Notary Public (Govt. Of India).

Certificate inside protective leatherette folder

The exquisite leatherette folder

Certificate back side

Label Pin of CCLP Worldwide

Sample ID card of Fellow

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Telephone: +91-33-22685477/8

Facsimile: +91-33-22683379