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We, Civil Society organizations (CSOs), Governments, Higher Education Institutions and individuals signatories to this Charter, are stakeholders of society that work globally to promote the principles of Higher Education for better sustainable Livelihood and Development which includes human rights, Labour, environmental protection, humanitarian response and other public goods. The Education Charter Initiative is the collective name for the diverse, global network of people, organizations, and institutions who participate in promoting the Education Charter, and in implementing its principles in practice. The Initiative is a broad-based, voluntary, civil society effort, but participants include leading international institutions, national government agencies, university associations, NGOs, cities, faith groups, and many well-known leaders in sustainable development. By signing this Charter we seek to promote further the values of Equality, accountability, Integrity, solidarity, Courage and Justice that we stand for, and commit our self to respecting its provisions.

"The International Education Charter is a declaration of fundamental principles guiding youth education worldwide in the 21st century. Created by global civil society, CCLP Worldwide and endorsed by thousands of members, volunteers, organizations, institutions and individuals engaged in promoting the position of youth, the International Education Charter is not only a call to action, but a motivating force inspiring change the world over. The International Education Charter is being implemented into the Declaration of Higher Education for the 21st century by UNESCO, and Ten Principles of United Nations Global Compact for the purposes of creating and a more purposeful and sustainable future for today's youth."

The Education charter International was initially adopted as text of UNESCO Declaration of Higher Education for 21st Century (1998) by the then informal association of CCLP Worldwide in the year 1999 vide reoslution no.0001/1999-2000 dated 04th April 1999. A copy of International Reoslution is available for download.

The principles and provisions of Education Charter was formally adopted in the year 2004 (6th Nov. 2004) vide reolsution no. 0007/2004-05.The principles of Higher Education for Sustainable better livelihood was formally included as basis and founding principles of the charter. A Copy of the reoslution is available for download.

The Ten Principles of United Nations Global Compact in the area of Anti-corruption, Labor, Environment and Human Rights was formally included as one of the principles of Education Charter in the year 2007 vide international resolution no. 0004/2007-08 (03 April, 2007). A copy of International resolution is available for download.

The old logo of Eucation Charter was formally adopted in the year 2006 vide international resolution no.0031/2005-06 dated 10th March 2006.A copy of the reoslution is availabe for download.

The new logo has been in use officially since 2008 but formally adopted vide secretariat declaration no 16 dated 15th December 2009.A copy of the Secretariat Declaration is available for download.

New provsions of Education Charter was adopted in 2009 vide International Reoslution no.004/2009/10 dated 29 Nov 2009.A formal code of ethics was prepared for use by Academic Institutions and Governments as part of Education Charter.The text of code of Ethics may be downloaded from the link. A copy of the resolution is available for download.

"The Education Charter International is endorsed and supported by more than 50000 citizens residing in more than 1550 cities of 162 Countries in the world" "

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