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    Secretary General

    The International headquarter may be located through Google Map shown below

    The Secretariat provides support, co-ordination and advice to the growing number of CCLP Worldwide national chapters and leads the organisation's international agenda
    The following is an overview of CCLP Secretariat

    1. Secretary General Mr. Paul Kofi Drapson (Honorary) Head of the International Secretariat

    2. Asst. secretary General -Ms Anjali Singh (Honorary) Chair of Membership Accreditation committee

    3. Under Secretary General- Mr Manoj.V.Joshi (Honorary) Chair of Program and events co-ordinating committee

    Paid secretariat Staffs
    1. Pradip Saha- Communication Head, Work to ensure fast flow of information between CCLP-IS and National Chapter
    2.Tapas Ghosh- Technical and internet assistant ,Work to ensure fast flow of information via computer and internet for IS and Nc.
    3. Shailendra Kumar– Head to membership Review committee.
    4 Arun Kapoor– programs Co-ordinator