Join the Charter

The International Council of CCLP Worldwide calls on academic fraternity, NGOs, Civil societies, Governmental Bodies and individual youth to take part in the promotion and practice of principles and provisions enshrined in Education Charter International.

The Charter Secretariat has classified the Signatory participants into four broad categories

1. Academic Signatories that includes legally operated Schools, Colleges, Universities, Professional educational bodies etc.

education charter signatory-academic (32K)

2. Legally registered non-profit organizations

educationchartersignatory (32K)3. All Governments departments and ministry including intergovernmental treaty organizations belonging to Countries recognized by United Nations

educationchartersignatory-government (32K)

4. Individuals of 18 years or more.

Membership Criteria

1. All applicants must select the class as mentioned above to apply for endorsement and become signatory participants

2. A letter of intent clearly stating the endorsement of Education Charter and in principle agreement with the provisions of the Charter must be printed legibly preferably in A4 size. The letter must be written in English or any other language supported by translation in English in official letter head to be signed by the head of the organizations or by authorized person with seal. The scanned image of the said letter may be emailed to along with short introduction of organizations, contacts, principal officers, mission statements, any annual report etc.

The Letter of Intent may be downloaded from this link

3. The applicants must also agree to embrace, comply with and promote the Charter (as amended from time to time) in its entirety.

4. There is no rule set regarding the years of existence of the organizations and new organizations are also encouraged to apply

5. In case of individuals self signed letter in his or her letterhead is required Additional information may be requested. It is encouraged to apply along with your academic qualifications.

6. The Charter secretariat may ask for any clarification or additional information or documents to support the application.

7. There is no application or processing charge for this.

8. The decision of Charter Secretariat shall be final and will be intimated to applicants within 45 days of submission.

9. Incomplete application without supporting or non serious applications are liable to be rejected without assigning any reasons.

10. Specimen of letter of intent may be downloaded from here

Organizations that are approved by the Charter Secretariat have the status of "Official Academic Signatory or Official Government Signatory or Official CSO signatory"

After first year of reporting Governments signatories and Academic Signatories have the status of "Active Academic Signatory and Active Government Signatory respectively.

Signatory Rights and Obligations

tick (25K)Entitled to attend Annual Meetings organized for Education charter Signatory;

tick (25K)Entitled to attend workshops, trainings and peer-review sessions organized by the CCLP Worldwide and its associates or chapters.

tick (25K)Entitled to participate in Charter expert networks as organized by the CCLP Worldwide.

tick (25K)Entitled to be listed on the Charter website as Active or Official Signatory.

tick (25K)Entitled to use specific logo of Education Charter for official use

tick (25K)Entitled to apply to become member of oversight Council

tick (25K)Entitled to access virtual Library, Journals, Magazines and online resources of CCLP Worldwide as enjoyed by Members of CCLP Worldwide

tick (25K)Entitled to send related articles for publication in education charter magazine.

tick (25K)Entitled to access International Seminars and Conference organized by CCLP Worldwide

tick (25K)Entitled to apply as member of different committees as established by CCLP Worldwide.

tick (25K)Entitled to access the networking of membership of CCLP Worldwide in different meetings

tick (25K)Entitled to get certificate of participating signatory to the charter by email and by hard copies (against nominal postage fees)

tick (25K)Entitled to get the various magazines and books at lowest or discounted price