Post Graduate fellowship progarm

CCLP Worldwide offers post graduate Course in Higher Education training for Educators equivalent to Masters Degree

The completion of course will lead to professional fellowship “”Chartered Educators”

Objectives of the program

1. Provide specialized training up to Masters Level, as educators of higher education, in the field of Science of Education.

2. Provide a sound understanding between the Science of Education, international higher education educator and new trends in education; in terms of higher education for everyone, the knowledge relevant to Chartered Educators in the 21st century.

3. Provide basis in order to train education professionals to serve as an agile and competent force in their respective educational institutions.

4. Provide training to educators to enable them build a robust knowledge base, in the domain of teaching and conceptual bases of design and curriculum development.

5. Provide educators with the fundamental knowledge and skills relevant to teaching methodology, materials development and educational evaluation.

6. Train educators on the theories of the practice of research.


This post graduate course is aimed at future educators or novice in any field of knowledge, who wish to prepare for the practice of teaching. The objectives of the international charter of higher education, is to certify and accredit professionals, with the requisite knowledge in teaching practice as educators, as referenced in the Education Charter International. The course is designed to meet the requirements of Universities, Educational Institutes, NGOs and Government Development Projects.

Availability of Courses

The Course is available worldwide only in Spanish and English language.

The Admission is open in two languages- Spain and English.

All the Fellowship certificate will be issued under International Conventions signed with Consortium Universities Euroamerican.(Consortium of State and private Universities worldwide)

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