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  • Copy of major resolution passed by International Council from year 1999 to 2010

    1.Adoption of Universal Declaration of Higher Education for Twenty First Century
    by UNESCO (Resolution No.0001/1999-2000)

    2.Change of International Head Quarter (Resolution No 0004/00-01)

    3.Appointment of Council Members (Resolution No 0007/00-01)

    4.Appointment of Council Member (Resolution No 0001/03-04)

    5.Registration of Society in Indian Territory (Resolution No 0006/04-05)

    6.Recognition of Indian Chapter of CCLP Worldwide (Resolution No 0010/04-05)

    7.Adoption of Declaration of Higher Education for sustainable better livelihood (Resolution No 0007/04-05)

    9.Adoption and use of Education Charter Logo (resolution No 31/05-06)

    10.Formation of Advisory Council and World Council (Resolution No 0040/06-07)

    11.Appointment of Official Representative in India (Resolution No 0041/06-07)

    12.Formation of United Nation Affairs Committee,Ethics Committee and drafting of Code of Conduct for appointees (Resolution No 0049/06-07)

    13.Adoption of Ten principles of United Nations Global Compact(Resolution No 0005/07-08)

    14.Appointment of ambassadorial appointees (resoltion No 0017/08-09)

    15.Appointment of Ambassadorial appointee(Resolution No 0018/08-09)

    16.Appointment of Chairman and ambassador At large (Resolution No 0019/08-09)

    17.Appointment of Ambassador At Large(Resolution No 0020/08-09)

    18.Appointment of Ambassadorial appointee(Resolution No 0021/08-09)

    19.Appointment of Ambassadorial appointee(Resolution No 0022/08-09)

    20.Appointment of Co-Chairman(Resolution No 0023/08-09)

    21.Appointment of International Council Member(Resolution No 0024/08-09)

    22.Appointment of Official Representative(Resolution No 0025/08-09)

    23.Appointment of Official Representatives(Resolution No 0026/08-09)

    24.Registration of charter (Trust Deed) of the Organization as trust as per Indian law(Resolution No 0027/08-09)

    25.Appointment of International Council Member(Resolution No 0028/08-09)

    26.Appointment of Ambassador At Large(Resolution No 0029/08-09)

    27.Adoption of RoadMap 2009-2010(Resolution No 0030/08-09)

    28.Appointment of Ambassador At Large(Resolution No 0001/09-10)

    29.Formation of award Jury(Resolution No 0002/09-10)

    30.Recognition of National Chapter of Nigeria(Resolution No 0003/09-10)

    31. Adoption of Code of ethics(Resolution No 0004/09-10)

    32.Public Statement regarding racial violence in Indian Students at Melbounes, Australia No 0005/09-10)

    33.Collaboration with University No 0006/09-10)

    34.Appointment of Council Member No 0007/09-10)

    35.Appointment of Council Member No 00008/09-10)

    36.Adoption of Mission Statement No 00009/09-10)

    37.Appointment of Council Member No 00010/09-10)

    38.Appointment of Council Member No 00011/09-10)

    39.Endorsement of IPSP International Charter No 00012/09-10)

    40.Recognition of Bangladesh Chapter No 00013/09-10)

    41.Appointment of Ambassadorial Representatives and Commissioner