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Education Charter (Third Edition) Download

We are pleased to present the newly revised and comprehensive Education Charter Virtual Library. Here you will find a remarkable database of Education Charter and of Education for Sustainable Development related resources in digital format is available here and may be downloaded free of charge and used and distributed as needed.

We encourage the members, endorsers and to send any additional Education Charter related resources developed by you or your organization to:

VIK (7k)

Key Resources

1. VIK (7k)Education Charter International text (Umbrella Statement of Vision, values and Guiding principles)

2. VIK (7k)Education Charter Booklet

3. VIK (7k)Education Charter- Code Of Ethics

4. VIK (7k)Education Charter & UNESCO Declaration of Higher Education for twenty first Century

5. VIK (7k)Education Charter and UN Global Compact Ten Principles

6. VIK (7k)Education Charter and Declaration of Higher Education for sustainable better livelihood

7. VIK (7k)Sample copy of Invitation for endorsement

8. Education Charter International Presentation in power point form ( may be used for presentation, seminar and conference) New

9. Education Charter International and Graphical Presentation

10. VIK (7k)New Pathways for Ambassadorial Appointees (newly launched)

11. VIK (7k)Education Charter (Second Edition 2009) NEW EDITION

12. VIK (7k)Education Charter Textual Document (New Approach)

13. VIK (7k)Education Charter Textual Document (old Approach)

14. VIK (7k)"Updated Charter of the Organisation

15. VIK (7k)New Book on Livelihood by Dr Vikrant Singh

16. VIK (7k)International Charter for the protection of Human Life by International Parliament for safety and Peace

17. VIK (7k)Download the Ambassador program

18. Third Edition