The movement of advocacy of higher education for better livelihood started in the suburbs of London, UK by few citizens of Asian origin in the month of January 1999.

Within a year it spread its movement from Europe to Asian Countries and become an international place for advocating something good for society.

Whereas, during a gathering of likeminded people at Assembly April 1999, held in Kolkata City, The then Chairperson Ms. Anjana Singh proposed the founding of a worldwide network of likeminded people for the greater good of humanity, and subsequently initiated, and provided support for the formation of Global Society for this cause and formed Global Civil Society, CCLP Worldwide. The formed entity was proposed to be regulated by the charter of the Society.

In May 1999 the members of the Council have adopted the UN Declaration of Higher Education for twenty First century as their core founding principles. It was decided to change the headquarter of the international advocacy from UK to some under developed or developing countries and resolved for India Kolkata. And the entire council was transferred to more dynamic youth of the society.
The Global Civil society movement has seen the history of 10 years (1999-2009).This advocacy was projected at international level and universal declaration of UNESCO towards the higher education for twenty first century was adopted as its core founding principles of charter. In the year 2004 formal association was registered in the Indian territory as "The Chamber Of Computer Logistics People" to ignite the movement and promote the charter worldwide. The declaration of Higher Education for sustainable better livelihood was adopted to promote it as "Education Charter International". The year 2008 has seen adoption of Global compact ten principles in the area of labour, human rights anti corruption and environment as founding principles to Education Charter.

The profile of CCLP worldwide has been kept international starting from the beginning and people from various parts of the world served the council from time to time.


CCLP worldwide has a vision to educate youth via community help


CCLP worldwide is an international Society for Charity that changes lives by providing value addition to education of needy and deprived youth via community-based services to the poor and needy.

Serving the interest of Youth worldwide


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