What happens after 21 days of Nationwide lockdown

nationwide lockdown

The corona outbreak is at its peak in the last three months and And if we talk about the data released by World Health Organization, world over the number of infected people is now touching nine lacs figure .

21 days lockdown is imposed in India by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But various misconceptions and ideas have spread in the minds of people.

And after 21 days of lockdown, any one of three situations can occur in India.

The first situation is to extend 21 days lock down for another 2-3 weeks in entire India. But now government has made clarifications that the lockdown won’t be extended further.

The second situation is to bring an end to lockdown after 21 days in entire India. But given the situation of the world, it is very unlikely to happen.

The third and last situation is to bring an end to complete nations wide lockdown and replace it with limited restriction based on cluster mapping. Entire India should be divided into various clusters namely RED, Blue, Yellow, white and Green and Red cluster be identified with a high level of infection in the defined area and green cluster be identified as no infection zone. The high infection zone or red cluster then be cordoned off or sealed from the rest of Bharat and other zone be under moderate to the low level of restrictions.

The chance of third situation to occur is very likely given the situation prevailing worldwide.

Within three weeks the number of infections in the US, Italy, Germany, France jumped to lacs however India after 9th week maintains a very low number of infections. And the figure is negligible when compared with the entire population of India.

If we believe in recent research done worldwide it is said that the RNA structure of corona virus found in china or Italy is different from Indian counterpart. And Coronavirus in India is not deadly enough to affect the mass population.

Contrary to the findings of World health organization latest research suggests that like other virus, corona virus become non active in high temperature and humidity.

Like its predecessors, Coronavirus is said to be hit and go virus which just hits once and then pandemic goes away.

Although entire world is following the guidelines issued by World Health Organization , There has been many change in their approach and statements with regard to guidelines.

One of the noted Medical Institute John Hopkins Medical Institute predicted doom day for India in January and predicted 15 to 20 % of the Indian population to come under coronavirus infection but comparing with today’s data it looks ridiculous.

Recently Italian ministry presented the data of death due to corona virus and came out with facts that 90% of total death was in super senior citizens with age above 80. And in most of the death more than one underlying illness was responsible. In Italy influenza like disease accounts for more than twenty thousands or more death annually.

In the world, there is a frightening situation due to coronavirus is there or being shown but in India, it is not so.

due to imposition of lockdown on the right time the chain of coronavirus within local will be cracked or halted in 21 days. And the number of infectious people will not rise more than 4-5 thousand.

We are very optimistic that the right decision of government with the full co-operation of the public will put India in a safe zone.

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