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The Education Charter Initiative is the collective name for the diverse, global network of people, organizations, and institutions who participate in promoting the Education Charter, and in implementing its principles in practice. The Initiative is a broad-based, voluntary, civil society effort, but participants include leading international institutions, national government agencies, university associations, NGOs, cities, faith groups, and many well-known leaders in sustainable development. Most participants in the Initiative are also formal Endorsers of the Education Charter. Click here to endorse the Education Charter

Education Charter International
Education Charter International

A formal network of International Head Quarter, National and regional Chapter and volunteers help to promote the Education Charter around the world. Many of these representatives are based in prominent national-level organizations and institutions. The Initiative is led by an International Board of Governors and ambassadors and served and coordinated by a very efficient team of International Secretariat, working in Centers located in Kolkata, India together with the office of ambassadors worldwide.

ECI and its Programs Education Charter International (“ECI”) is the coordination and communications hub serving the global Education Charter Initiative.

ECI manages a small number of centrally coordinated programs and partnerships and facilitates communication and networking for the much broader, voluntary Initiative, which has involved thousands of organizations, many hundreds of thousands of individuals, hundreds of cities, dozens of global institutions, and a growing number of national governments Education Charter International small main office is maintained in Kolkata, India. The organization is governed by an International Board of Governors, whose members have been selected for their distinction and their diversity. Currently, ECI supports and encourages programs in the following areas.

Higher Education

The charter seeks to support the Higher Education for youth worldwide


The Education Charter International led by Youth Initiative is a bold and dynamic action-oriented network convinced that urgent action is required to bring about a just, sustainable, and educated world. The Charter is active or adopted in over 110 countries and at the global level, with a diverse Membership, Youth Groups, and Partners.

Better Livelihood

The charter seeks to encourage better sustainable livelihood for youth worldwide by way of higher Education Ten Principles The charter seeks to encourage adoption of the Global Compact’s ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

CCLP Worldwide popularly known as the International organization of Education Charter is engaged in promoting

  1. Higher education,
  2. Importance of higher education for better livelihood
  3. Education for all
  4. Education for sustainable development
  5. Education for a better life
  6. Education for equality
  7. Education for international understanding
  8. Youth for understanding,
  9. Necessary reforms in higher education institutions
  10. Status of higher education in developing and under-developing nations
  11. Education and training
  12. United Nations sustainable development goals,
  13. to make necessary awareness for sustainable development define, sustainable development definition, 
  14. Education for sustainable development

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