International Conventions

Memorandum of Understanding


Academic and Technical Co-operation between International
Management College Globus, Kosovo and CCLP Worldwide.


3. Participatory and Charter Endorsement Understanding with World
Federation of UNESCO Associations.


 Social, Cultural and Academic co-operation between  CCLP Worldwide
and Instituto de Evaluación y Desarrollo Educativo, Mexico.


Social, Cultural, and Academic cooperation between  CCLP Worldwide and Institudo De Seguridad Global, Spain


Social, Cultural and Academic co-operation between  CCLP Worldwide and Centro De Altos Estudios En Ceremonial De Buenes Aires


Social, Cultural and Academic co-operation between  CCLP Worldwide and Fushe Municipality Government of Kosovo


CCLP Worldwide popularly known as the International organization of Education Charter is engaged in promoting

  1. Higher education,
  2. Importance of higher education for better livelihood
  3. Education for all
  4. Education for sustainable development
  5. Education for a better life
  6. Education for equality
  7. Education for international understanding
  8. Youth for understanding,
  9. Necessary reforms in higher education institutions
  10. Status of higher education in developing and under-developing nations
  11. Education and training
  12. United Nations sustainable development goals,
  13. to make necessary awareness for sustainable development define, sustainable development definition, 
  14. Education for sustainable development
  15. Code of ethics in education

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