Fellow Chartered Educator Brochure

Read before submitting the FCE application

  1. All the supporting documents must be sent to
  2. All the application for fellow must be supported by

a. Academic Degrees/ Diploma etc.

b. Certification, License etc.

c. Honour, appreciation, etc.

d. Academic and Professional Membership

e. Complete resume

f. Passport Size photograph

g. National ID proof

h. Proof of payment of dues

Fellow Chartered Educator Application Form (Offline application)

Online application below

Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.


Kindly select the right title.
Write full address including street, city, state, pin code and country
Name of the organization where you are working
select one or more


Professional & Academic Membership, Certification, License, Merit, Award etc.

Personal Statement & Declarations

Reference from existing Fellow or NGO or Educational Institutions

Details of Referees (Name, Address, contact, fellowship No. etc.)


1. I support the Academic Council Of CCLP Worldwide and wish to become a Fellow. 2. As a Fellow I will subscribe to the aim and objectives as enshrined in the charter and I recognise my role in achieving it. 3. As a Fellow, I will adhere to the code of Conduct issued by the Academic Council of CCLP Worldwide 4. I agree to send by email all Academic degrees, certificates, documents, passport size photo, national id proof, complete cv, payment details and covering letter.


Payment details

Fellowship fees Dues:  USD 100 or Euro 65 or INR 5000/- (In case of rejection of application full refund be made to the applicant)

Payments should be directed to:

CCLP Worldwide

International Secretariat

5th Floor 17 Tara Chand Dutt Street Kolkata 700073, India

Tel 91.33.22685477/8 Fax 91.33.22683379


Payment may be paid through

For Paypal Option click here


For Payment in Euro

Name of the Applicant

For Payment in USD

Name of the Applicant

Please send a check, bank draft or money order drawn from Indian based bank to CCLP Worldwide.

CCLP Worldwide popularly known as the International organization of Education Charter is engaged in promoting

  1. Higher education,
  2. Importance of higher education for better livelihood
  3. Education for all
  4. Education for sustainable development
  5. Education for a better life
  6. Education for equality
  7. Education for international understanding
  8. Youth for understanding,
  9. Necessary reforms in higher education institutions
  10. Status of higher education in developing and under-developing nations
  11. Education and training
  12. United Nations sustainable development goals,
  13. to make necessary awareness for sustainable development define, sustainable development definition, 
  14. Education for sustainable development
  15. Code of ethics in education
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