Education Research (Global) for changes needed after the pandemic

education research

Global Education research integrates education outcomes in 2019 pandemic and post-pandemic educational needs or mandated changes. We added the importance of the student experience during the pandemic period as well as online instruction and the impact of pandemic restrictions on Read More …

Traditional Vs Smart Education – A Comparison

smart education vs traditional

Learning continues throughout the lifetime of an individual. However, the intensity at which learning occurs is maximum during school years, especially below the age of 6. It is necessary to place children in an intellectually stimulating and enriched environment to provide high-quality education. To achieve this objective, choosing the right school is very important.

International school partnership – New opportunities

International School Partnership – Many leaders in this sector have realized that they can’t afford to operate at the district or state or national level to gain optimal results. Of late the school management have realized that they have to follow the norms of internationalization to make an impact in this sector.

What makes a good school- An insight

What makes a Good School? Is it not the universal question of every parent aspiring for the bright future of their ward.

Student problem in pandemic – research video

Student problem in pandemic

Student problem in Pandemic Volume 2 The second volume of educational research was conducted by the Intergovernmental Agency DRPF and CCLP Worldwide. In the first video, we understood the parameters set for this study and how the research team explored Read More …