Application for Good School

Application For Good School Rating

The Education Sector has so far witnessed numerous research as to what makes a good School.

Based on research CCLP Worldwide has identified ten key parameters to define a School under Good School category.

The International Organization of Education Charter invites application from reputed schools for getting “Good School Ratings”.

Who can apply?

  1. Any School providing primary, secondary or high secondary education are eligible to apply for the “Good school rating”.
  2. The Applicant School must be running at the time of application and completed at least one academic session ( Minimum one year ).
  3. The Applicant School must be recognized by the competent authority of Education (Competent government department)
  4. The Applicant School must understand that the certificate of registration as school is different from the certificate of recognition. Hence No certificate of registration will be entertained in place of recognition certificate.
  5. The School must have a physical campus to carry out its activities. Hence Online Schools are not eligible to apply.
  6. The Play School or Montessori or known by whatever name are not eligible for application.
  7. The eligible school are also required to send an official letter by email for this application duly signed by the head of the Institution.
  8. The International Organization has started taking applications for Good School rating, however, no time frame is set for the constitution of the inspection committee to check the merit of the application.
  9. It is expected that the application will be cleared within 90 days from application.
  10. The International Organization of Education Charter – CCLP Worldwide and its Inspection Committee don’t charge any fee for the processing of the application. Hence the Applicant is not required to pay any fee.
  11. For any specific query direct your email to with the subject ” query for GSR”.
  12. Good School Public rating is not available for schools where one or more management person(s) is/are associated with CCLP Worldwide or its chapter in an official capacity.

Before proceeding for the application please visit the link for more information

Good School Online Application
Register with us by filling out the form below.

Application for Good School Rating

First name of the applicant

Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.

Kindly write the full name of the school which is legally registered elsewhere.
Kindly write complete communication or postal address including street, city, state, Country and pin code.
Mention if applicant is head of the school
If the applicant and head of the school are different then write the name of the head example; principal, headmaster, headmistress, rector, headteacher etc.
Kindly mention official email address of the school.
Official school website, webpage or blog

Checking all the boxes is compulsory

First three criteria are a primary and mandatory requirement. They carry the highest weightage for evaluating the application.

Kindly mention the URL of the video ( containing School Building infra and campus) in youtube, Vimeo etc. (Not More than 2-3 mins)
Does your school have recognition from government /competent education authority if yes share the recognition certificate via url. The recognition must not be confused with registration of school.
Which teaching methods are used in your school ( Please check the relevant boxes)

These four criteria are a secondary requirement. They carry the medium weightage for evaluating the application.

Details like sports facilities, games, etc.
Kindly write URL or webpage separately for each item. One URL or more for teaching faculties One URL or more for Management One URL or more for Principal message etc.
GPS coordinates may be found at any smartphone app.
Please mention at length or share URL for each of the items. 1. Health - URL or write 2. Sanitation - URL or write 3. Nutrition - URL or write 4. Secure Environment - URL or write

These criteria are an additional requirement. They carry the lowest weightage for evaluating the application.

Mention required details
Your Facebook Page or public group
You agree to all terms and conditions set by Good School Ratings committee

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