Official Resolution

Copy of major resolution passed by the International Council from the year 1999 to 2014

1.Adoption of Universal Declaration of Higher Education for Twenty First Century
by UNESCO (Resolution No.0001/1999-2000)

2.Change of International Head Quarter (Resolution No 0004/00-01)

3.Appointment of Council Members (Resolution No 0007/00-01)

4.Appointment of Council Member (Resolution No 0001/03-04)

5.Registration of Society in Indian Territory (Resolution No 0006/04-05)

6.Recognition of Indian Chapter of CCLP Worldwide (Resolution No 0010/04-05)

7.Adoption of Declaration of Higher Education for sustainable better livelihood (Resolution No 0007/04-05)

9.Adoption and use of Education Charter Logo (resolution No 31/05-06)

10.Formation of Advisory Council and World Council (Resolution No 0040/06-07)

11.Appointment of Official Representative in India (Resolution No 0041/06-07)

12.Formation of United Nation Affairs Committee,Ethics Committee and drafting of Code of Conduct for appointees (Resolution No 0049/06-07)

13.Adoption of Ten principles of United Nations Global Compact(Resolution No 0005/07-08)

14.Appointment of ambassadorial appointees (resoltion No 0017/08-09)

15.Appointment of Ambassadorial appointee(Resolution No 0018/08-09)

16.Appointment of Chairman and ambassador At large (Resolution No 0019/08-09)

17.Appointment of Ambassador At Large(Resolution No 0020/08-09)

18.Appointment of Ambassadorial appointee(Resolution No 0021/08-09)

19.Appointment of Ambassadorial appointee(Resolution No 0022/08-09)

20.Appointment of Co-Chairman(Resolution No 0023/08-09)

21.Appointment of International Council Member(Resolution No 0024/08-09)

22.Appointment of Official Representative(Resolution No 0025/08-09)

23.Appointment of Official Representatives(Resolution No 0026/08-09)

24.Registration of charter (Trust Deed) of the Organization as trust as per Indian law(Resolution No 0027/08-09)

25.Appointment of International Council Member(Resolution No 0028/08-09)

26.Appointment of Ambassador At Large(Resolution No 0029/08-09)

27.Adoption of RoadMap 2009-2010(Resolution No 0030/08-09)

28.Appointment of Ambassador At Large(Resolution No 0001/09-10)

29.Formation of award Jury(Resolution No 0002/09-10)

30.Recognition of National Chapter of Nigeria(Resolution No 0003/09-10)

31. Adoption of Code of ethics(Resolution No 0004/09-10)

32.Public Statement regarding racial violence in Indian Students at Melbounes, Australia No 0005/09-10)

33.Collaboration with University No 0006/09-10)

34.Appointment of Council Member No 0007/09-10)

35.Appointment of Council Member No 00008/09-10)

36.Adoption of Mission Statement No 00009/09-10)

37.Appointment of Council Member No 00010/09-10)

38.Appointment of Council Member No 00011/09-10)

39.Endorsement of IPSP International Charter No 00012/09-10)

40.Recognition of Bangladesh Chapter No 00013/09-10)

41.Appointment of Ambassadorial Representatives and Commissioner

42. Participation in Educational Framework of Inter-Governmental Education Charter

43. Reconstitution of International Council

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