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The Global Civil Society CCLP Worldwide has been registered as Society and Trust under different Govt. department.

The table below shows the status of registration under the appropriate act of the Country.

Logo/Sign/Emblem Registrant Authority

Relevant Act


Registrar of Newspaper of India Under Government of India
The Press and Registration of Books Act 1867 Registered as Media vide Registration No. WB/ENG/2010/35437
Raja RamMohun Roy National Agency for ISBN (Government of India) International Organization

Allotment of Publisher’s Identifier Under ISBN System
Government of West Bengal Indian Trust Act 1882

Indian Trust Act 1882 

date of registration 16th Feb 2003
Registrar of Firms. Societies and Non- Trading Corporation, Government of West Bengal West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961 date of registration 5th Nov 2004vide registration no S/IL/25347

Registrar of assurances, Government of West Bengal
Admissible under rule 21 West Bengal Registration Rule 1962 duly stamped under schedule 1A of Indian Stamp Act 1899 Indian Trust Act 1882 date of registration 9th June 2009 Regn Page 1Regn Page 2Regn Page 3

Income Tax Department, Ministry of Finance, government of India
U/S 12AA of Income Tax act 1961
date of registration 23rd Feb 2010Vide registration no DIT (I)/T-212 8E/363/2010-11
Office of Director (Exemption)Income Tax Department, Ministry of Finance, government of India U/S 80G (5)(vi) of Income Tax Act 1961
Certificate of Exemption u/S 80G (VI)of Income Tax Act 1961
International Standard Book Number International Organization

Registered vide No ISSN 2231-0037

Message of Hon. President of America on Science and Technology addressed to CCLP Worldwide

Permission to use UN Global Compact Logo by CCLP Worldwide-International Council

Official Letter addressed to International Chairman of CCLP Worldwide By United Nations

Official Letter to appreciate The Education Charter by United Nations Global Compact

Official Letter of Invitation received from United Nations for IYC 2011

Official Invitation received from United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime to attend as observer organization in upcoming NGO Briefing Implementation Review Group

Official Accreditation and special Invitation to RIO+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum- Innovation and collaboration for the future we want

The table below indicates CCLP Worldwide and its Chapter or affiliated Organization association or listing or membership or accreditation or participation in other organizations or initiative, without implying mutual endorsement. For more information on the status of each relationship, please follow the appropriate link or contact the International Secretariat.

CCLP Worldwide popularly known as the International organization of Education Charter is engaged in promoting

  1. Higher education,
  2. Importance of higher education for better livelihood
  3. Education for all
  4. Education for sustainable development
  5. Education for a better life
  6. Education for equality
  7. Education for international understanding
  8. Youth for understanding,
  9. Necessary reforms in higher education institutions
  10. Status of higher education in developing and under-developing nations
  11. Education and training
  12. United Nations sustainable development goals,
  13. to make necessary awareness for sustainable development define, sustainable development definition, 
  14. Education for sustainable development
  15. Code of ethics in education