Membership Policy

Membership Accreditation policy of CCLP Worldwide

Individual Member Accreditation policy

The objective of appointing Individual Members is for the movement to avail itself of the competence, dedication and experience of individuals of recognized integrity from diverse geographical, cultural and professional backgrounds, who acknowledge the Charter of CCLP Worldwide and are committed to the active promotion and realization of its goals.

An individual can be considered for membership as an Individual Member through three means:

• Self-application (given format) in writing supported by two references as registered NGO.

•  self-application in writing supported by two existing Members, or

• Through a recommendation by a National Chapter.

In all cases, these should be addressed to the Chief Secretariat Officer for consultation of the Membership Accreditation Committee (MAC) and final submission to the Presidency Office of International Council for its approval.

In this context:

(1) When considering new applications the International Council should review the competence and dedication of the concerned candidates and bear in mind geographic diversity, gender and age.

(2) In cases where the International Council decides in favour of accrediting new Individual Members, this should be reported on the Chapter Zone, outlining the International Council’s rationale, particularly concerning the competence of the new Individual Member and her/his dedication to CCLP Worldwide. The International Council should report annually about the composition of the Individual Member group in terms of geographic diversity, gender and age. The appointment of Individual Members will be for annual or Life. If recommended by the MAC to the International Council, renewal of Annual Membership could be without a limit to the number of terms.


An Individual Member may be removed from the Register of Members by the decision of the International Council should he or she fail to pay relevant membership fees (if any such membership fees are decided upon by International Council) after two written reminders. The Individual Member may only be removed on the expiration of a period stipulated in the second reminder, and only if the second reminder explicitly states that removal will be the penalty for any continued failure to pay. The Individual Member must be informed of any decision to remove him or her.


If in the opinion of the International Council an Individual Member prejudices the interests of the Trust through his or her action or inaction, that Member may be expelled from the Trust by the decision of the International Council. Before such a decision is taken, the Individual Member must be afforded an opportunity by the International Council to reply to the charges either at a hearing or in writing. Thereafter the International Council must send the Individual Member in writing the reasons for its decision.


The International Council may at any time suspend an Individual Member with immediate effect, if this is considered necessary to avoid a threat to CCLP worldwide or its reputation, or for reasons threatening the safety or security of any R/NC member, officer or staff member.


The respective Individual Member may appeal against any removal, expulsion or suspension decision to the International Council, by writing to the Presidency within six weeks of the receipt of the decision appealed against. In such cases, the Board will seek the advice of the MAC before making its final decision and will append the recommendation of the MAC to its final decision.

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