One thought on “Academic Council”

  1. Dear Chairman and President of Academic Council – CCLP Worldwide,
    I am very grateful that this international professional body (CCLP Worldwide) has recognized my achievements among others in the area of education and research so that finally, I am not only a Fellow Chartered Educator, but also a Co-opted Academic Council Member of this professional body. There is no doubt that Academic Council – CCLP Worldwide is truly a source of an independent and unbiased specialist, expert educational and professional body: composed of proven expert men and women; focused on setting and appreciating international standards in learning and educational assessment which should be respected and appreciated by rational educationists; maintaining and developing a collective body of knowledge, and investing in research; providing sound leadership in higher education industry; developing and appreciating new areas of action for its members, while basing itself on UNESCO declarations as well as UN ECOSOC resolutions; and providing a collective voice in society and engaging in public educational discourse. Together, all these attributes and associated follow up actions add up to a powerful set of reasons for one to belong to this great and principles -based and led professional body. Yours sincerely, Prof Dr Christopher Oyat – UGANDA

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