Academic Council

The Oversight Council of the Education Board for Accreditation formerly The Academic Council as mandated by the International Council of CCLP Worldwide. For more information please log onto

Sl. No.NameDesignationRegn. No.Date of Regn/Date of Appointment
1.Prof. Dr. Lamartine Hollanda JuniorChairperson500.100626/08/201026/08/2010
2.Editor Vikrant SinghPresident500.100126/08/201026/08/2010
3.Prof. Allesandro BertirotiDean and Rector500.103001/05/201812/06/2018
4.Prof. Jenero Rosemary ShepherdDean and Rector Emeritus500.100326/08/201026/08/2010
5. Prof. Dr. Thales CatroAcademic Member500.100726/08/201026/08/2010
6.Prof. Dr. Elvis C EnyiokoAcademic Member500.100526/08/201026/08/2010
7.Prof. Dr. Paul RatnayakeAcademic Member500.100426/08/201026/08/2010
8.Editor Vinod SinghDirector500.100226/08/201026/08/2010
9. Prof. Dr. Alberto Gomez FuertasAcademic Member500.101707/09/201307/09/2013
10Dr Enrico Davide GavelloAcademic MemberResolution no. 1315/10/201415/10/2014
11Prof. Rajarshi RoyAcademic Member500.102810/06/201510/16/2015
12Prof. Dr. Igino AutouriCo-opted MemberResolution no. 1104/09/201404/09/2014
13Prof. Don Ruben Alberto GavaldaCo-opted MemberResolution no. 1315/10/201415/10/2014
14Prof. Dr. Christopher OyatCo-opted Member500.102503/03/201501/11/2019

One thought on “Academic Council”

  1. Dear Chairman and President of Academic Council – CCLP Worldwide,
    I am very grateful that this international professional body (CCLP Worldwide) has recognized my achievements among others in the area of education and research so that finally, I am not only a Fellow Chartered Educator, but also a Co-opted Academic Council Member of this professional body. There is no doubt that Academic Council – CCLP Worldwide is truly a source of an independent and unbiased specialist, expert educational and professional body: composed of proven expert men and women; focused on setting and appreciating international standards in learning and educational assessment which should be respected and appreciated by rational educationists; maintaining and developing a collective body of knowledge, and investing in research; providing sound leadership in higher education industry; developing and appreciating new areas of action for its members, while basing itself on UNESCO declarations as well as UN ECOSOC resolutions; and providing a collective voice in society and engaging in public educational discourse. Together, all these attributes and associated follow up actions add up to a powerful set of reasons for one to belong to this great and principles -based and led professional body. Yours sincerely, Prof Dr Christopher Oyat – UGANDA

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