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Yoga- Kundalini Shakti or Kundalini energy has been a subject of great interest especially after a writer named Gopi Krishan (Yogi) discovered it and published it in his book titled Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man.

For thousands of years, the saints, rishis, and Yogis of Sanatana dharma are practicing this as their very part of life. The saints and yogis have adopted it in their sadhana.

In times many associate this shakti with supernatural power or outer world power. The understanding of this shakti isn’t clear for general practitioners, yogis, and people with western templates.

About the video

The first video attached with this article brings out the authentic info and knowledge of Kundalini shakti, Seven chakras, and thus the impact of shakti ohm on unleashing human power.

Whereas people undertake kundalini awakening initiation to unleash maximum power and intellect as and in the human body. Shakti Ohm initiation does the same without any risk. It’s all about rising intellect improving fitness and upgrading mental skills by adopting pranayama with shakti ohm.


The next understanding is to see or experience various perspectives of the seven chakras. Ranging from the research of the endocrine glands system as seven chakras, five koshas in yogic science, and three to 7 layers of bodies in various readings. The attached Video explains the same.

Different perspectives of Ohm

Before initiation for Kundalini it is required to know or in other words, experience Ohm ॐ Aum (Ohm) as the sound of the universe as a rhythm of nature and as a tool for meditation. The Ohm has more than one experience

Meditation is used for complete rejuvenation of the Physical, subtle, and causal body. The vibration of divine ohm features a deep positive effect on the body, mind, and soul. a requirement for each seeker (Meditation Practitioner).

The video attached below shows you the Ohm as a whole.

Tribandha pranayam, moola bandha and ashwini mudra

Introduction ( pranayam)

The seekers who wish to initiate kundalini or at least wish to know of chakras try to master the practice of pranayama which we call in English as breathing to control and maintain life energy.

One such pranayama is Tribandh

Tribandha Pranayama has been in practice since the outing of mind. Most of the yogic books describe the importance of tribandh pranayam. However, in modern days the practice of tribandh pranayam has been lowered down.

People have started their own way of yoga. Yoga is believed to be an exercise involving twisting and turning of the body especially in the western world.

What yogic science says

The Patanjali yoga sutras, Sushruta Samhita, and other notable yoga books have emphatically described that Yoga stands for the union of physical body, subtle body, and causal body with greater cosmic energy referred to as Param Brahm.

In the attached video tribandh Pranayam, Moola bandha, Ashwini mudra, and different mudra pose are described alongside basic pranayamas like Anulom-Vilom (Alternate nostril breathing), Vastrika (Deep Breathing), Kapalbhati (Shining skull breathing), and Ohm.

The aim of this video is to make the audience aware of preparation before practicing shakti ohm.

The practical way to initiate pranayama

Tribandh pranayam: The attached Video below provides excellent information about the variability of pranayam including tribandh pranayam and holds demonstrations of varied asana, mudra, and pranayama.

Pranayam Basic

The Video covers the demonstration of kapalbhati kriya (shining skull breathing), bhastrika pranayama ( Deep Breathing ), Nadi Shodhan ( Alternate Nostril Breathing ) resulting in purification of all energy channels, and at the last tribandh pranayam ( Three locks of the body).

The video covers extensive details of Ashwini mudra or kriya ( Sometimes called kegel exercise ), Moolbandh or bottom/anus lock, abdominal lock or Uddiyana bandha, and throat lock or Jalandhar bandh.

The editor has clearly explained the advantages of every of the pranayama with live demonstrations. He has cautioned and clearly mentioned that practicing tribandh may be a matter of fitness and mental alertness.


Now watch the final video of Shakti ohm and understand the deeper knowledge.

The viewers are requested not to perform Shakti Ohm merely by watching few episodes.

The Yoga of Shakti Ohm requires dedication, practice, and proper guidance without which it can’t be performed or practiced.

In order to learn Shakti Ohm, the viewer should contact by email the Grand Master of Shakti ohm at to know how to initiate.

The demonstrated Shakti Ohm must be performed after basic pranayamaAnd there is no exception to it.

The demonstration of Shakti Ohm is merely for knowledge of viewers and not amounting to training or Deeksha (Initiation).

Shakti Ohm Chakraayam is a powerful yogic practice that streamlines the life energy of the human body through seven chakras and Paanch Koshas of body. The viewer must understand the difference between Ohm Chanting and Shakti Ohm.

And It doesn’t undermine or claim to undermine any other yogic asanas or pranayamas. In fact, it is part and parcel of Pranayama.

Shakti Ohm Chakraayam requires proper training and knowledge for the following reasons.

1. Sitting posture is veerasana or bajrasana. It is neither recommended nor possible for many especially old age or physically different people to adopt this posture quickly. It is one of the difficult sitting postures which requires immense practice.

2. Anus and entire pelvic floor muscle conjoined with genitals or female organ lock and release which we call Ashwini mudra and anus closed along with the pelvic floor muscle and reproductive organs for some time called moola bandha also require rigorous training and practice.

3. Deep concentration at each point of chakras requires years of practice.

4. The inhale breathing which is performed as slow, deep, and long breathing also requires some training and fully functional lungs to perform such inhalation.

5. First understanding of Ohm as A… U… M…. and secondly experiencing it is challenging for seekers. Chanting Ohm at different lengths for different chakras is a matter of deep practice and concentration.

6. It is advised to viewers to contact Grandmaster /Saraswati World Foundation for participating in proper training cum initiation.

7. The Shakti Ohm Chakraayam is based on Vedic scriptures and yogic science and understanding of modern science.

8. It has been kept out of the dominion of any man-made religion, color, creed nationality, and border. Hence It is open for all regardless of any limitation said above.

9. The goal of shakti ohm is to bring pure bliss and joy which we read in Vedas as Satchidananda ( Vedic Sanskrit word combination of sat (truth) Chith (expression of knowledge) and Ananda ( Pure Bliss).

10. This practice is dedicated to mankind facing a number of wars, conflicts, epidemics, and religious competition for endless reasons. The practice puts the man above all grief.

Disclaimer (as usual to protect Saraswati World Foundation and its GrandMaster from any legal issues)

1. The author has explicitly cautioned the rules and regulations and defines who is eligible for such practice.

2. Each practitioner must ensure that he or she is physically fit ( in modern medical terms) to do the same as demonstrated in this episode.

3. The author has also explained the importance of asana called Veerasana or Vajrasana and the benefits associated with it.

4. It is advised to see the previous episodes of Kundalini and shakti ohm to understand the current episode.

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