Providing quality Education posing a challenge post covid

Recently International Organization of Education Charter had concluded data-backed research of schools in West Bengal and had found various key facts.

The region Hooghly was taken for research and all operating CBSE schools were assessed on the parameter of good school ratings and research brings out the following key facts

1. With a population of over 55 lacs ( 2011 Census) Only 17 recognized CBSE Schools are operating or functioning in Hooghly District.

2. The List of recognized CBSE Schools in Hooghly don’t have girl’s only school. All the CBSE Schools are promoting co-education.

3. Some of the recognized CBSE Schools exhibit very low public ratings and reviews hence downgraded or removed in good school matrices.

4. Most of the top rank schools are not very old and are a new-age school with big campus and quality education.

5.Few brands of schools of Bengal have come up as high ranked school.

6. New age school are providing quality education to prepare the child for 21st-century skill.

7. One school only make it in the list of top 25 schools in West Bengal.

8. Hooghly District will have to go long way to have satisfactory quality education delivery through a network of high rating CBSE Schools.

For more information watch the annexed video 

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