Education talk with Prof. Dr. Subir Nag and Editor Vinod Singh

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On 27th July 2019 Prof. Dr Subir Nag, noted educationist, author of several books, speaker and Principal of Satyopriya B.Ed. College Kolkata joins the conversation with Editor Vinod Singh on educational issues ranging from youth’s aspiration to current dilemma. The event was organized at Saraswati World School, Hooghly. Range of issues was discussed in this interactive conversation and some of them are:

The first topic is: How the Indian (Macaulay) education system is faulty for the current scenario? The current education system emphasises on industrial age values thus creating the next batch of workers whereas changing world requires a creative person who can communicate and collaborate with his or her idea.

The second Topic is: How the rat race in education is completely diminishing the very foundation of education. Every parents and student are chasing grades, numbers and rank whereas the purpose of education is to acquire knowledge and use it prudently in their life.

The third topic is: Why discipline is practised an enforced mechanism in most of the school to control students. Why discipline is not taught as an integral part of one’s life which he or she carries with joy and happiness.

The Fourth Topic is: Why 90% of education taught in school after the fourth standard is of no use for most of the students in his or her real-life as we call it in authentic learning. As a matter of fact, Our education system gives a high score to students who can retain the information until the exam. And once the exam is over most of the information gets out of the mind. So in real life, there is hardly any scope to use it anyway.

The Fifth topic is: Can we think of implementing a system where every school looks for out of box ideas, creativity and collaboration which truly emphasize the inner quest of every student to fly high in getting the right kind of knowledge?

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