Interactive Whiteboard is a new possibility in education

In the last few years education especially teaching has undergone paradigm change or you can say complete transformation.

With the entry of smartphones, conventional teaching is replaced with hi-tech new gadgets and some of the gadget and system have been proved worthwhile in delivering in the classroom.

Yes, I am talking about interactive whiteboard which has now replaced years of the projector-based digital board. 2020 is certainly not the age of projector and screen but of tech innovation.

Initially, interactive whiteboard did come with projectors and computers and things were not as promising as today when interactive whiteboard comes as a single unit as an interactive flat panel display (IFPD).

The interactive flat panel display comprises of many features which assist in good teaching or presentation or serious dialogue engagement.

Some of the unique feature of IFPD

Easy & Handy: handling this board is as easy and handy as a simple smartphone. As it comprises all the app and functioning which is used in a smartphone. So working on this board doesn’t require any special training and smartphone users can instantly work on this board.

Seamless engagement: One of the key features of this IFPD is that presenter or teacher can easily get this system connected with smartphone, laptop or tablet of audience. The work of presenter can be shared to the audience or vice versa.

Interactive presentation: One of the unique features of this board is that it can be used as whiteboard and teacher or presenter can actually write directly with hands or pen on the board and also save it for future reference. The presenter can always add by hand any topic on his existing presentation or allow the audience to do the same.

Use of plenty of apps: The system allows to download and use plenty of apps under android or any other system. The presenter just needs a wifi or RJ cable internet to download his favourite app for presentation. With the use of apps, the area of performance is always expanding.

High-resolution screen: All IFPDs come at high resolution. It means it starts with HD resolution and goes up to 4k resolution. it perfectly works even in the well-lighted room ( Not required to make the room dark).

Compact and Size: It comes in various size and one can opt for the best suited for his or her requirement.

The live demo of the IFPD Board is well presented in this video

Watch above video till the end to have complete knowledge of smart interactive whiteboard.

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