Student problem in pandemic – research video

Student problem in pandemic

Student problem in Pandemic Volume 2

The second volume of educational research was conducted by the Intergovernmental Agency DRPF and CCLP Worldwide.

In the first video, we understood the parameters set for this study and how the research team explored the data to draw logical conclusions.

This study now begins to present the obstacles, difficulties, and problems faced by the educational community during the pandemic, and thus, the transition from the physical world to online learning. Online has proven to be a real challenge worldwide.

Let’s start this research video

During our research, our team found that students, teachers, instructors, and organizations all fully supported the traditional way of learning what we call physical classes.

The reason for such a choice is obvious because the pandemic situation is never taken care of when it plays out on a global scale and no one, the teacher or the student, is prepared to face it. with a series of crises and chaos unimaginable in the world.

Here we call the main problem “taken aback”

Student problem in pandemic

Thus, the first problem or impediment is the unpreparedness of various actors in the education sector to adopt and accept online education as a viable option. lack of adequate support from the government is also responsible for extending scholars’ difficulties in adapting to the new online learning journey.

We call the second problem a “health syndrome”.

Student problem in pandemic

The second major problem found in the study appears to be a more serious and complex problem in these difficult times. we found it to be mental and physical ailments. Scholars and teachers have suffered from the spread of physical and mental illnesses that have impeded training and teaching. Such a situation has not been properly handled, resulting in many health problems and mental stress for students and teachers.

The third issue is referred to as “incompetent placement”

Student problem in pandemic

Online learning arrangements have never been satisfactorily replaced because students do not find comfortable options and Simple to interact in communication and use it to clarify their doubts. An incomplete or inefficient digital system is the underlying reason for this example. Further research shows that the majority of web systems are still underutilized and result in not reaching the level they deserve.

The fourth and last problem found and seemingly popular is “Minority in Majority”.

Lack of investment in technology and basic infrastructure has made it difficult for a large chunk of school students and teachers from all socioeconomic backgrounds to have very limited access to online classes. Further research shows that this issue alone undermines the benefits of online learning.

Despite little exposure to online education, some academics seem to be fine with the sudden shift of the COVID19 pandemic to unplanned online teaching.

Lack of social interaction, feeling alone in the learning process, inadequate housing conditions for obvious reasons including insufficient data bandwidth, and loss of motivation and energy are among students’ main concerns.

Student problem in pandemic

Further research shows that this issue alone undermines the benefits of online learning.

This video will continue for the third episode, where we will explore the advantages and ease felt by students in their online learning experience.

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