Quality Education: Challenges ahead

Education is a fundamental pillar of society because this created the bases for the future of people.
A quality education is one that seeks to form the human being as a whole person who has enough knowledge to meet the challenges given to it by society. It comprises from the content to be taught as the person who will transmit the same.

What makes a good school- An insight

What makes a Good School? Is it not the universal question of every parent aspiring for the bright future of their ward.

Changing teaching method- New possibilities and challenges

Teaching Method – Past few decades have witnessed a number of methodologies and teaching techniques used to teach students in the classroom. New innovation and thoughts overpower past techniques and in some cases, long-forgotten techniques of teaching become favourite again. Read More …

Beyond Board Exam – Chill and Fill

Board Exam- In today’s education system board exams bring nervousness, fear and anxiety to most of the students. It is one of the major challenges that every student has to undergo to come out successful in life. I am writing Read More …

how to choose a school for your child in India

how to choose a school for your child in India- Is it not the pressing issue for every parent when they think of getting their child admitted in Montessori school? Who is not concerned about the future of his or her child and when such concern arises only thing that comes to mind is getting admission in a school best suited for the child.